Hall Studio


Who Is Kathie Hall

With veritable foundations in the industry, Kathie Hall established Hall Studio in 2016, following a twenty-year career with Fender Katsalidis Architects. In her role as Director of Interiors, Kathie was responsible for multiple major architectural interiors projects, many of which were award-winning and have become industry benchmarks. Her background is substantially grounded in experience with Museums, Gallery design, Boutique accommodation and Hospitality projects, alongside an array of Multi and High-end Residential Interiors and Commercial projects.

For Kathie, everything can be traced back to preoccupations with the integration of the Arts into design. Her belief is founded on seizing opportunities for collaboration with artists and how the process of making and creating, and the associated emotive qualities that can be added to spaces, add such significant value. Her continual engagement with philanthropic work and experience-based gallery spaces, makes her a force within this sector. Kathie was a key contributor to the design and delivery for the Museum of Old and New Art, in Hobart and has continued to strengthen her relationship with further collaborations at MONA and other notable galleries.

With finely honed skills in all phases of design, together with her extensive experience with a multitude of project typologies, Kathie brings a luxe sophistication to all she touches. Her ability to conceptualise experiential spaces and manipulate light, has seen her work with an exciting list of cliental, in both designer, architect, project manager and advisory roles.