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Portsea House

A beloved family coastal home for the last thirty years, this art-collecting client needed a home to facilitate the upcoming thirty years, as an eventually less infrequent residence. Nestled into the coastline of Portsea, and overlooking incredible vistas to the ocean beyond, priority was around maximising the homes’ connection to its location, along with being the conduit for an expression of the client’s passion for the Arts.

Retaining portions of the existing build, as a nod to the nostalgic familiarity of the previous family vacation times, the new build involved an entirely new floor plan and formal approach to aspect. An additional basement was carved out at the base, to allow for amenity and ease of access to be incorporated, with an additional cellar, lift and caretaker’s apartment.

On approach, the ground level is envisioned as a gallery space, with deliberate curated views through to the landscaped areas and the bay beyond. The stair is designed as an Art Box and a feature sculptural element that houses a particular piece of art. It is also intended to allow for future integration of additional pieces and exhibition.

The upper level then houses facilitates bedrooms, the family kitchen and various living spaces. Timber flooring and key sculptural elements throughout create a fusion between the warmth of a more permanent residential home, and a space for exhibiting and entertaining. Together with the hidden garden, reminiscent of a Spanish Alhambra garden, the Portsea home is rooted in a sense of connection – to the land, the sea, its history and its future.

Portsea House Project Information

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Portsea, VIC
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Hall Studio
Kathie Hall (FKA) and Hall Studio
Shielcon Group


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Portsea House

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